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Shop These Looks

Texture Takeover

Textured hairstyles are one of this season's biggest trends, designed to help add movement, volume, and extra styling versatility. Whether your style is curly, straight, short, or longer, there are so many different looks to explore when it comes to texture. A textured hairstyle helps add dimension to heavy hair. For instance, a bob or a pixie cut with no texture might look plain and heavy. If you’re looking for that extra lift or just a chic new style, choose a wig with a textured hairstyle. Longer styles also benefit from texture. If you normally wear long hair that is all one length, try one with textured layers added in. Refresh your look with any of these textured hairstyles. #texturetakeover

Fringe Fever

If you’re looking for a versatile hairstyle with face-framing options, a fringe cut is a quick and easy way to get this look. Whether you want full or heavy bangs, a choppy side sweeping style, or lighter wispy bangs, the fringe hairstyle can help frame your face and bring out your eyes. This style looks equally great with short, medium, and long hairstyles, making it easy to stick to your preferred cut. The length of the fringe can easily vary from long edgy angles that make a bold statement to just above the eyebrows for a more blunt look, which can help add styling versatility to your look. We've rounded up the most trendy fringe styled wigs and hairpieces that will no doubt inspire you to add a fringe hairstyle to your list of favorite looks. #fringefever

Straight to Stunning

Of all the different types of hairstyles that are currently trending, the straight hairstyle is one that has a wide range of face-flattering styling versatility. Whether you spice it up with bangs, layers, side parts, or varying lengths, there are a number of straight hairstyles you can choose from that will help you achieve the look you’re after. From long and flowing locks to short and sleek bobs and pixie’s, wearing a straight hairstyle can be many things, such as trendy, fashionable, causal, and professional. Find your perfect straight hairstyle and see how you can look straight up amazing! #straighthairstyles

Curl Magic

We love how curls can instantly transform a hairstyle into bouncy volume, added texture and thickness, and an all-over enhanced level of va va voom! Whether you wear your hair short, at mid-length, or long, choosing a curly hairstyle is a great way to easily achieve voluminous hair in minutes. We’ve hand-picked this season’s most popular curly hairstyles that work well with every type of face shape. Get inspired… #curlmagic

Modern Twists

Give ordinary hair a fun new makeover – a “twisted” one that is! Read on if you’re looking to try a different hairstyle, maybe a subtle twist or braid, or even a show-stopping fancy updo. There are so many styles to choose from. The casual yet elegant hair wrap, a side ponytail, a braided headband for an instant polished look, and even the timeless classic look of a modern french twist. Check out these trendy and stylish twist-inspired hairstyles that can easily transform your hair in minutes. #twisthair